Zombie Defense: Building Clearance

Zombie Defense: Building Clearance

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How good are you at clearing paths and staying safe from a zombie invasion? Don’t let them get too close! A bunch of zombies is charging right at you. Use your cool weapons to fight them off and try to stay alive for as long as you can.

Here’s what makes this game awesome:

  • It has different ways to play!
  • You can choose from a bunch of different weapons!
  • You can hit zombies in different spots, and they’ll react for real!
  • There are all kinds of zombies to face!
  • The longer you survive, the more zombies show up!
  • It’s all about your skills!
  • There’s a high score list to see who’s the best!

Here are the different game modes:

In “Cleanup” mode:

  • The zombie crowd gets bigger in each corridor!
  • At the start, you have three lives, which you can use to clear the level.
  • When you run out of lives, you’ll lose all your weapons.

There are lots of different locations to play.

Just Have Fun!

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