Dear Edmund

Dear Edmund

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“Dear Edmund” offers a dark and dystopian gaming experience where players navigate a Victorian-era city, balancing personal survival with the well-being of the oppressed residents. Key features include decision-making, visual street changes, wealth accumulation, and consequences for moral choices.

Key Features:

  • Decision-Making Mechanics: Players must make choices to accept or decline the questions of street residents. These decisions impact the narrative and shape the player’s role as a hero or a villain.
  • Visual Street Changes: The health rating of the street visually transforms based on the player’s decisions. This visual representation adds a layer of immersion, making the consequences of choices tangible.
  • Wealth Accumulation: Gaining wealth is a crucial aspect of the game, allowing players to upgrade their homes or improve the health of the street. Balancing personal gain with societal welfare becomes a strategic element.
  • Moral Choices and Consequences: Players can choose to be a hero or a villain, but each decision comes with consequences. The narrative dynamically responds to the player’s moral alignment, influencing the game’s outcome.

“Dear Edmund” presents an intriguing blend of decision-making, visual storytelling, and moral consequences within a dystopian Victorian-era setting. The inclusion of a web browser demo provides a taste of the game’s atmosphere and mechanics. Fans of narrative-driven games with moral ambiguity may find this title captivating.


The web browser version serves as a demo, offering approximately an hour’s worth of gameplay. Get the full version on


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