Stick It Battle

Stick It Battle

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Welcome to Stick It Battle, where awesome fighting skills and super cool battles come together! Get ready to be a stickman hero in this amazing adventure that will test all your awesome moves.

Learn the secrets of martial arts, do awesome kicks and punches, and become a real master of fighting with super realistic physics!

Every level is like a new challenge where you can show off your skills and look super cool while dueling dangerous opponents. Explore lots of cool places, discover tons of moves and strikes – it’s going to be epic!

Feel the excitement as your stickman hero jumps into the air, doing incredible stunts and avoiding all your opponents’ moves. The game is so real with 3D gameplay, awesome animation, and super cool physics that it will feel like you’re in the world of the greatest stickman fighting games.

Defeat all the bosses and be the ultimate stickman hero

Just Have Fun!

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